Short Fiction:

pexels-photo-239853Travesty – Published in The Anglerfish Magazine dedicated to contemporary television shows, movies, and books – Battling with depression their entire life, Ash recounts how it took a toll on not only their life, but the lives of the ones they love.

capture2The Last Line – Published on Teen Ink which is dedicated to work specifically for teens – A letter addressed to someone named Elysium seems to depict an apology towards an outcome that the letter writer was unable to change. As the letter progresses, everything the reader of the letter believed may have been a lie.

tumblr_inline_n0e313SVKw1r7khydComatose – Published on Everyday Fiction which gives readers pieces of Flash Fiction (under 1000 words) to read everyday – Life doesn’t always go as planned, no matter how strong a friendship may be. Sometimes, one is forced to make a decision that no friend ever wants to make.

CaptureStatic – Published in Maudlin House which explores human condition and literature from emerging authors – Trauma can force people to make decisions they wouldn’t normally make. Kyle learns the consequences of such through sessions with his therapist Mr. Coyle and someone from his past.

imagesSuperhero in the Dark – Published in Firefly Magazine which is interested in literature that takes one’s breath away – Amy Harrison did not have an easy life, but her best friend Cody was the single person who could make her forget it all. Years later, she reflects upon one of her fondest memories of him.

20160821_171008Unreturned – Published in Fantasia Divinity Magazine which seeks to publish literature of all genres – Oli and Lucas have been friends for all of lives. On their latest adventure, the two of them get together to explore an old field in their neighborhoods. They could have never predicted what would happen to them or the secrets they would find.

Medically Forged Ignorance – Published in Twisted Sister Lit which offers a home for darker fiction  – Sarah is curious about a new patient who has accusations of murder circulating around his head.

pexels-photo-94736Kaleidoscope – Published in Shift Zine which compiles book reviews, short fiction, and interviews into one organized place for
readers – Jared’s only way of dealing with a breakup is through art, but this particular piece has more to offer than an emotional release.

Verity – Published in Chaos of Hard Clay, an anthology surrounding post apocalyptic fiction – follows the protagonist Aleks, who has been living in exile after waking up to find his life for the past year was an illusion created by the government. He reunites with his best friend only to learn about what a disaster the world has turned into.


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