13718620_10210148785456544_4101750430694966557_nI’m sure you are wondering after reading the title of this post, what does Megan mean by Bibliobattle? Are people fighting against each other with books? Is this an all out war to obtain one book? The answer, my fellow bloggers, is yes.

Okay, I’ll put the joke aside for now and say that a Bibliobattle is an event where book lovers pick a book and pitch it to an audience within a five minute time limit. You can say anything you want. The only catch is you can’t use props or technological projections of any sort. It’s up to your voice and in my case, a piece of paper to help me not forget everything I want to say. Your goal is to convince an audience that they want to read the book you are speaking about.

This is a Japanese tradition but has made its way to New York thanks to the Kinokuniya Book Store. I participated in the first one ever a few weeks ago advocating for an audience to read The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. It fell into the genre required for the event, Young Adult, and has been one of the most inspirational books in my life time. I spoke about a few big issues the book covers: friendship, self-discovery, trauma, depression, love. Narrowing everything down to five minutes was a difficult task, but one I think I did fairly well on for my first ever book pitch.

I will admit I was quite nervous standing in front of a crowd and speaking. I have always had this difficulty, but once I fell into the rhythm of my pitch and knowing that I could answer nearly any question about the book, I was immediately relaxed. My confidence revealed itself because if there is one thing I love in the world, it’s a good story. I highly advise anyone who loves books to give this event a shot. You can find other books to read and even win some prizes like… more books!

To be honest, I don’t see a better selling point that is better than being surrounded by other bibliophiles. Sometimes, we need a spot to geek out about what we love and what we are involved with often. If anyone would like to see how the battle went down, I am including a link to the entire battle here.

Keep reading, everyone!

Xx Megan

3 thoughts on “Bibliobattle

  1. This sounds fun! I would love to go to an event like this. I’ve been meaning to read Perks of Being Wallflower for so long. It’s one of the oldest books on my TBR – number 2, in fact, on my Goodreads list. I do genuinely want to read it, but other books have been more pushy, grabbing for my attention.

    Were there any books that are now on your TBR after listening to people at this event?


    • I would keep an eye on the internet because I’m sure this event will pop up in other locations. It is great for book lovers. I saw your comment about Perks on my other post and I once again recommend it. It is worth the read in so many ways.

      From the event, I didn’t get any more books added to my list mainly because I had already read most of those presented :3 Problems with being an avid YA reader haha.

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