Home Sweet Home

I wrote this story about two years ago. It started off as nothing more than a drabble, something that needed editing and more character cultivation. I rewrote it about four times: adding details, taking them away, trying to make the story longer. I was determined to make the story publishable. After about ten attempts, Superhero in the Dark finally found its home.

*Cue me screaming with glee here*

This was one of the short stories I fought for, in the sense, that I wanted it out there for others to read. I was heavily attached to the characters involved and how they helped each other in their own way. Neither realized how important they were to the other. People can leave an imprint in one’s life without realizing it. For better or worse depends on the scenario. In the case of my story, it was for the better. images

Superhero in the Dark was a way of exploring the issue above as well as many others: friendship, death, abusive households. Sometimes the smallest encounters can keep people going. Sometimes, we don’t realize the little things we do are what tie people to the world around them.

I relate to that idea in many ways. When life got tough it was good friends and simple pleasures that kept me from falling apart in the same way they keep my main protagonist from falling apart. Not everything has to rely on romance or the shoulders of a lone individual. Maybe having this message out there was why I pushed hard for this story. Maybe my passions as a writer was motivation.

Nonetheless, I am thrilled to say that you can read my newest short story in the fourth issue of Firefly Magazine which can be found here. I hope you like it as much as I liked writing it and feel free to leave comments below. Note in advance that this story deals with some heavy issues and reader discretion is advised.



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